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Japanese Flower Arrangement in Tokyo
Ikebana of  Sogetsu School

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Tokyo Japan TEL 03-3421-7401

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please contact us by phone. Sometimes, e-mail doesn't work.

3min. walk from Tokyu Den EnToshi line Sangenjaya Station
(Sangenjaya is the 2nd stop from Shibuya)

 5min. walk from Tokyu Setagaya     line Sangenjaya Station

If you need a map, contact us.
Last Updated March 25. 2014

Monthly Ikebana Wallpaper
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Sangenjaya School(Setagaya-ku)
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Spring Trees and Flowers

   click the Tulip
 Original Wallpaper for Desktop
  with Flowers and Leaves in gardens.

Come and enjoy our IKEBANA course offered by
the Sogetsu School of Japanese Flower Arrangement.

You can enjoy IKEBANA in your Western living room.

You'll be able to feel the Japanese four seasons
and Japanese culture through Flowers.
Create your unique art with arranging flowers.
And enjoy Ikebana as Japanese style hobby.
Beginners can participate easily.

Trial Lesson !
(Try to arrange a basic Ikebana for beginners.)
Please make a reservation until the day before.
About the schedule, contact us.

IKEBANA  Free Style Arrangement
                                      (Nageire Style)



     Ikebana Variation Style    
        Tsutsuji (Azalea),Ping-Pong Chrysanthemum (Kiku)

         This style is called Moribana
arranged in a shallow container using Kenzan(needle point holder